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About Cam Gigandet on Twitter! 

OK SO there have been a LOT of debates whether it is real Cam or not, so let me just tell you what is going on,and give you some piece of advice!

Because Internet Social sites are so BIG, they can’t verify or block those accounts which are fake, and there is this twitter account : , which acts as if it is real Cam. I am NOT saying it can’t be true, but let’s just face it :

a) If it was him, it would get OFFICIALLY verified by twitter and there would be that v-thing on a corner of the account, and it would be official worldwide, i think even JustJared would post news about it.

b) if it was really him, he would post exclusive photos , videos from set, personal photos and much more, and so far i have NOT seen any REAL Exclusive photos, but one which is obviously FAKE and photoshoped

so until you see a VERIFIED profile of a celebrity, do not follow and REPORT this account to twitter.

(Source: cam-gigandet)

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  1. thisloveisours-xo said: Thank you for posting this!! :) Like I told someone “I will believe it when I see it” :)
  2. cam-gigandet posted this